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Just Another Way For Me To Play God



"And the ones who are fun are usually spending all their time with my family anyway.”

Phin pulled Al’s fingers to his lips and kissed them. He was coming down from his outburst but simmering quietly under his skin.

How dare Jacob burst in like a housefire, uninvited and unwanted and radiating, spewing bile at Al and the baby, terrorising Bee… And that shattered, frightened look he’d never seen East wear.

"-you and your mutt…

"-you’re having a litter.

-werewolf baby?”

He pressed a sigh out through his nose in a long, tired stream and watched Al’s round stomach move as he did.

I’m so sorry, my darling dear. You’ll get better than them. You’ll get us and we’ll love you, mutt and all.

"Do we want to go lie down, Al?" Erin asked, voice soft. He was trying to keep himself detached, to distance himself from his rage, so that he didn’t throw a fit about the intrusion on their home.

With Jacob gone already, it wouldn’t do him any good.

Maybe he’d just run around and fucking scrub everything till the entire house was spotless.

"N- well, maybe." Al shifted his stance, grimacing slightly. "My ankles hurt and I feel a bit drained. If anyone wants to cuddle puddle with a fat pregnant man we can pull all the blankets and pillows to the floor."

Roxy’s hand shot into the air. “I demand a blanket fort! I will oversee the project!”

Just Another Way For Me To Play God



"That’s better, love. It’s okay. It’s going to be okay."

Garrett moved Bee closer to hug her gently, patiently letting East keep his tense hold on her arm. He scanned the stricken faces of the teenagers and looked up to Cal.

"Get a few glasses of water, maybe, if you would."

Phin took Al in his arms and sighed against his hair.

"I’m sorry."

Glowing eyes flickered from Bee’s trembling form to Garrett’s face long enough for the android to nod. He lingered long enough to irritate himself with his hesitance, stroking his lover’s brightly-colored hair one more before leaving her with the healer, not wanting to leave her side but knowing she was safe with Garrett (and East, and Dirk, and everyone else in the fucking household. Jesus, they’d built a fucking army).

Feeling a bit dwarfed by Erin and Phin’s presences so close to Al, Dirk paused in his own approach just long enough to remind himself that he wasn’t an intruder, and wouldn’t be treated like one should he stray close to Al while he was vulnerable.

"What the fuck was that about?" he whispered, terrified of raising his voice and startling or further upsetting Al.

Cal returned from the kitchen without a sound, a glass of water in each hand—of which he had four. The secondary pair, which had no skin and were composed entirely of wire and the dark material that made up most of the android’s muscle, extended from where his shoulder blades were. 

Unlike his usual showing off, as he would do whenever he found something neat he could make his body do, this was more an effort not to drop any of the glasses, and keeping one per hand was the best way to go about that.

Catching sight of the android from the corner of his eye, Erin turned his head and huffed a quiet murmur of a laugh. 

Al shook his head, snorting a little. The sight of Cal was somewhat disturbing but mostly amusing.

"Nothing to be sorry about. No one knew he was coming; that was his play. I’m fine, I’ve been ready to face him for a long time." And, he realised, that was honestly true. "Bee, however…"

Bee looked at Al and took a deep breath.

Al pulled away from Phin, asked him to follow with a hand instead of words, and Bee moved out of Garrett’s embrace to let Al hug her, mostly from the side.

"How’re you doin’, sweetpea?"

Bee shook her head and hid her face in Al’s chest.

"I figured. Why don’t you go upstairs with someone?"

Bee nodded, squeezed Al, and held her hands out to East and Cal. Her eyes turned to Daniel as well, silently asking them to all come with her.

Quiet filled their spaces as they left the room, and it was a few moments before Roxy asked, “Is there anyone in your family that’s, like, fun?”

Al snorted again, smiling, feeling the last bits of tension leak out of him. “I promise there are, but it’s not my mum, my dad, or my brother.”

Just Another Way For Me To Play God



It was startling to see Al’s talent work towards fear when Phin knew it to be so soothing and loving. All his muscles were tensed and rage writhed like a worm in his stomach.

But whatever horror Al was wreaking on Jacob’s mind was worse than whatever Phin could possibly do to his body. It was simply the way Jacob worked. He pulled back and upright, angry and intimidating, to make Al’s words ring even more truly.

Next time—if there was one after this—Jacob would be dead. He’d rip his throat out.

Garrett trotted hurriedly down the stairs with Cal in tow and stopped to assess the situation. He took everything in for a moment, his mouth open, and weighed his options. 

The healer chose Bee and knelt next to East, slowing the fluttering panic of her lungs and letting her muscles relax.

"It’s alright, it’s okay, love. Look here, look at me… It’s all over, it’s all okay and we can take a deep breath. Would you do that with me?"

East watched them both with a lump in his throat and blubbered quietly to Garrett.

"I d-didn’t… I didn’t know who he was, I didn’t even think—"

Garrett shook his head.

"Hush, it’s alright. That’s how he operates, that’s how he used you and you didn’t know that."

Cal followed closely behind Garrett, coming to a stop to hover near Bee with him. His gaze drifted, brightly-lit lime green and accusatory toward Jacob, raising his fingers to run them through the bright colors of Bee’s hair.

It was obvious enough that Al and Phin had handled the situation, but the sight of the offender in emotional pieces did nothing to quell his want to handle it himself, as well. Dirk’s pinched, angry expression was a much clearer view of how he felt.

Erin cast his violet gaze around, taking in the gathered members of the household before looking down to Jacob again.

He crouched, too-warm fingers reaching out slowly to catch the man’s tie, singeing it everywhere he touched and utterly ruining it like he wanted to do to Jacob’s flesh. ”God help you if you ev-ver take another step toward Bee, or anyone in this household.”

He released Jacob and backed up, head spinning as he stood. Everyone—almost everyone, Rainie seemed to be hiding—was in plain view, Erin could see everyone, furious and hurt and on the defensive. His anger gave way for satisfaction and an affectionate warmth he didn’t usually feel for the entire goddamned houseful of people at once.

But there it was, he could have hugged and kissed literally everyone who lived there in that moment.

Jacob hesitated much too long for Al’s liking as he stared at everyone around him -

The empath curled his lip and leaned towards him, and that’s all it took to make him bolt, knocking his briefcase over before he scooped it up and left, slamming the door after himself.

The loud noise made Bee flinch, but she kept her gaze focused on Garrett’s, taking tremulous, but deep, breaths.

Al reached for Phin and Erin, beginning to crash hard and fast and feel sick for what he’d done.

Just Another Way For Me To Play God



With a gust of angry strength, Phin hefted Jacob’s full weight into his arms and hurled him with a snarl against the wall behind him. He let him slump for a moment before kneeling over him and grasping his neck in his hands.

Eight. Fucking. Years. Have gone by.” Phin spit every word through an elongated mouth and his eyes bloomed with amber tendrils. “Eight years, and here we are again.

He scooped Jacob up by his armpits, and with a cruel, cyclical satisfaction, held him like a child against the wall high above his head.

Half in fear, half in wilting confusion, East darted behind the action to find Bee and pull her protectively to his chest.

"I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…"

Phin growled again and let him drop heavily to the floor—circle complete. He reined the worst of his strength back but left enough to make a dull, meaty thud when his fist connected with Jacob’s jaw and his hand held him stranglingly by his collar.

"Last time I told you I’d burst your fucking head open and I didn’t do that. Do you think that was stupid of me? Is that why you’re back here insulting my mates and snaking your bloody way into our house?

Quiet as a mouse, Daniel slipped from the couch, moving in toward the other teenagers, outstretched hand hovering nervously near them before settling it on East’s shoulder instead of Bee’s, wanting to avoid flooding her with his confusion and unease and the nagging sense of distrust toward the newcomer.

"Upstairs," he tried to coax them, voice cracking, "c’mon, let’s go upstairs." 

Voice snarling and uneven and overlapping that of his younger counterpart’s, Erin stalked closer and loomed over the intruder, heat sizzling between his fingers and between his bared teeth. “If you can’t kill him I fucking w-will, they won’t be able to fucking recognize his damned corpse.” 

He wanted to sear everything within his reach. He wanted to burn Jacob alive, wanted to see him suffer.

He wanted to reach between them, to take the man from Phin’s hand and burn him, slowly, melt the flesh from his bones and make him feel every ounce of agony till his heart stopped. He wanted to melt his eyes in their sockets for the way he’d looked at them all, singe and tear out chunks of his short hair, claw his skin open—

The only thing stopping him from acting on the urge immediately was Phin’s easy command of the situation, and the fact that his mate clearly had some unfinished business he may want to attend to, but it would be easy, so easy, to just reach down now and mark him up a bit, leave half of his gross face unmarred but ruin the rest, make him so ugly he’d be too ashamed to go outside.

Erin felt fucking sick with the want to maim, light-headed as the tips of his fingers tingled.

Letmeletmeletme, he thought, desperate for the chance to wring the fucker’s filthy neck.

Al’s shock began to wear off and he looked at Roxy and Dirk, still too shocked to do anything; and Bee, hiccoughing and crying and having a panic attack while clinging to East and Daniel; and Phin and Erin, ready to legitimately murder.

He didn’t fully realise he was moving until he was kneeling in front of Jacob and gently pulling Phin’s hands away, ignoring the confusion and indignancy he could feel. His own smaller hands cupped Jacob’s face softly and he registered how his older brother’s expression twisted with fear.

That’s when he knew what he was going to do.

He pried Jacob’s emotions open with ease and ripped them to shreds, leaving nothing but primal, animalistic terror behind.

"I’ve gotten a lot better since I was seven, Jacob."

The man whimpered.

"You are going to leave this house. You are going to never come back. You are going to say nothing about Bee, and you are going to say nothing about what happened here. You are going to tell mum everything’s fine, and you are going to remember what I’m doing to you now. You’re going to go to a therapist for emotional trauma if you want to minimise how this is going to ruin your life.

"And if you come back -" Al’s voice went from almost matter of fact to promising and dark, "If you come back, I’m going to let you insult me, my child, my mates, and my family. I’m going to let you enrage my werewolf mate. I’m going to let you set your filthy hands on me, and I’m going to do nothing when he rips your throat out. He’s killed to defend his mates before, and you know how werewolf laws are."

Jacob was crying and Al only knew he was receiving his message in that he was forcing him to. He bore down on his soul, hard and sharp. The only external indication of his wrath was the tightening and curling of his fingers on his brother’s face.

"Do you understand?"

Jacob nodded frantically and Al let go, sitting back. His hands gravitated immediately to his round belly.

"Go. Before I decide to let Erin melt a new arsehole in you."

Just Another Way For Me To Play God



Phin’s protective, sharp hand tightened on Al’s shoulder. The pads of his fingers pressed into his mate’s marks and his jaw set.

"Just tell me."

Behind Jacob, East drew in a panicked little breath and watched Phin’s hands curl with wide eyes.

Patience worn to a thread from too-late nights and too-long bouts of sleep, Erin’s shaking fingers lowered his mug to the surface of the table, rage and offense boiling in his gut as he rose to his feet, discarding his early-morning shuffle for measured, practiced strides to bring himself to Al’s side.

His fingers closed protectively around one of Al’s wrists as he checked the stranger’s face, finding far too many features similar to his mate’s.

Thinking back on every instance of his father’s scolding and lectured, Erin straightened from his slouch and growled in a voice that was nothing like his father’s but with just as much barely-withheld fury, “You need to leave.”

Jacob’s gaze turned to Erin’s and he met it head-on. His talent touched into Erin’s mind and he tweaked him so that he didn’t feel nearly so adamant about needing him to leave.

"I think I should stay. Work things out with brother dearest."

He watched Al again.

"You were always an ungrateful piece of shit, weren’t you? Demanding attention from mum and dad, even in horrid ways. Hurting people."

Al’s chin lifted defiantly.

"Not even ashamed, are you? You fucking threatened your own mum -"

Jacob cut himself off abruptly as movement caught his eye.

Another teen was trying to slink away while carefully watching him and had stopped, looking like a deer caught in highbeams.

Jacob would recognise those pitiful green eyes anywhere, even doubled.

His mind couldn’t wrap itself around the concept of two Albions, but his disgust was untameable at the sight of their flagrant androgyny and queerness.

"What the fuck is that. What did you do?” Jacob was advancing without realising it, face twisted in a snarl as Bee started to hyperventilate and back away, bumping into a shelf. “Fucking disgraceful little shit, what is this? You just mess with time and order so you can have this dress up doll of yourself? You turned him more pathetic than your faggot self -“

Just Another Way For Me To Play God



"Yeah. Sure, mate."

The man was clean and poised and carefully put together, and in his warmup clothes and rumpled hair East felt a little awed and small. He seemed stately—like he was meant to be there and was exacting subtle command over the space. There was a weird, sterile warmth about him.

East looked him up and down and called towards the kitchen:

"Uh… There’s a bloke here wot says he’s Al’s brother!"

The cheerful kitchen plink of ukulele melody stopped dead and Phin set his legs on the floor, turning slowly towards Al.

Confusion weighed like lead on Erin’s sleeping mind, and he peered at his mates over milky, pale coffee in the sudden ear-ringing silence that followed the cessation of Phin’s playing.

"What?" he inquired, voice still rough with sleep. 

Jacob was smug with how the house’s general hum of noise died upon his announcement.

However, he was somewhat unnerved by the fact that, as he stepped forward and the video game being played in the living room stopped, many pairs of eyes turned on him.

Al’s lips turned down and he gave Phin a look as he tried very hard not to waddle too much down the corridor towards Jacob.

The older Potts smiled brightly.

"Al! So good to see y-"

"Don’t touch me."

Jacob’s steps faltered and so did his expression.

There was awkward, tense silence before Al broke it.

"Why are you here."

Jacob’s stance became more fluid and much more threatening. “Mum says you and your mutt threatened her.” His brown eyes dipped to Al’s unmistakably pregnant belly. “She wasn’t lying that you’re having a litter, so I don’t suppose she was lying about that either.”

Just Another Way For Me To Play God

The afternoon English sun was gentle on the man’s eyes, but his mood drew his brows over his eyes to shade them as he looked at the house before him. Off one side, construction had started, and detached from the main building, a bit behind it, was the shell of another, smaller, house.

His shoes tapped against the cobblestone drive and his lip curled at the sight of the plaque for the house:


When he reached the door, he used the small semicircle window on it as a mirror and checked that his hair was in place. He straightened his tie and suit jacket, smoothed the furrows out of his expression, and prepared his most winning smile.

And then he rang the doorbell.

It took much too long for his liking for someone to answer, and he refused to let his disappointment show when a weed of a half-naked teenager opened the door.

"Afternoon. I’m Jacob, Al’s brother. Is he home?"

Jacob used his talent to influence the teen into letting him slip past the threshold. He eyed the…homey foyer (if it could even be considered a foyer) and its many coats and shoes before he set his briefcase down.

"If you could just fetch him, I’d be grateful."


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NOTE: despite how much they look alike in general colouration, this is NOT hiccup - this is my oc al

httyd au where al has a female nightfury named sleeves as his best friend. he made his weapon himself and he doesn’t know what to call it except “fucking heavy but fucking scary too”

this took me probably around 10-12 hours of work and i don’t regret a single bit

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Home At Last



Erin stepped up behind him to settle his bath-warmed palms across the swell of his stomach.

"You look so pretty like this."

Phin stood tall next to both of them, his hair drying in weird loopy chunks, and kissed them on the cheek in turn.

"You’re bloody pregnant. It’s alarming. And beautiful.”

Al was lovely with his little round stomach and his tiny pink breasts. Phin was proud and in awe of him. He’d thought about that a lot while he was gone.

"Thank you."

Al leaned back into Erin a bit, eyes wandering down in the mirror to what lay below his swollen belly.

"And then there’s that cunt."

Home At Last



A thrill of surprise ran down Erin’s spine.

"Oh. Oh, yeah? Yeah, I like that idea."

Phin laughed and placed the shampoo bottle in Al’s hand.

"That’s exactly what I want."

The rest of the bath passed with ease and laughter and plenty of kisses; by the time Al was out and scrubbing his hair dry, his lips felt permanently pinned up at the corners.

He gave his hair a quick brush-through and looked at himself in the mirror. He cupped his belly, noticeable and already bowing his stance and center of gravity, and then he slid his hands up and cupped the very, very small breasts starting to swell under his nipples.

"God, I’m so pregnant.

Home At Last



"It is pretty soft, ain’t it?"

He wanted to turn around to kiss Al, and then to lean over his shoulder to kiss Phin, but he wasn’t in the mood to risk bumping anyone too hard with his knees, and it was nice enough to be touched by both of them.

"Then I’ll keep it for a while as long as it doesn’t look too… mountain man and ridiculous."

He felt warm and serene and like slow, sweet sex. How could he ever possibly leave them again?

"Mn. Let’s finish this up and then have sex. All of us."

Home At Last



Huffing a laugh, Erin reached a hand down to stroke the palm of his hand along Al’s thigh.

"It’s good to be with you both again," he murmured.

By way of response, Phin shifted to catch Al’s mouth in a kiss and slide a hand up Erin’s arm.

"Mmn." Al reached out and found Phin’s arm with his eyes closed, following it to Erin’s and pulling the younger man closer. "It is. And the scruff is interesting. I think I like the soft tickly feeling on my lips."

Home At Last



"Christ. We’ve gotten quite the group of lovers around us, haven’t we?"

It used to be so…quiet.

And he kind of missed that quiet, but at the same time he felt much more at home with the quiet, almost-constant chatter of all the house’s residents.

"Mmm," Phin mumbled in agreement. He bit the back of Al’s neck softly.

Al shivered and moaned softly, shifting his legs against Erin’s.

Home At Last



"A fuck in the grass, in the moonlight? Awful romantic, comin’ from you, Phin."

"I knooow. It’s just pathetic. But it was bloody good. And yes. Let’s invite her over. Again and again and again. Mmmmm.”

Phin relaxed further into the bathtub to rest his head and close his eyes.

"I bet she’d be a good dom. Bless you, bless you, all of you pretty American girls.”

"Village and city girls by the quayside."